Horizon Health Care Institute, LLC
"Quality Health Care Training for Today's Health Care Needs"

Horizon Health Care Institute is dedicated to offering affordable, personalized, quality health care training to meet today’s health care needs, as well as to prepare the student for gainful employment in the field of allied health care.


Our vision at Horizon Health Care Institute is that our graduates will be acknowledged as well-prepared, sought-after, and valuable members of the health care community.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that all individuals, regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, or economic status, should have the opportunity to advance themselves through education.  We believe that each person who desires to learn, deserves to learn, and is entitled to know success from their dedication and hard work.

Our Commitment:

In support of our Mission and Philosophy, we will ensure the training our students receive at HHCI is conducted by competent, educated, and ethical instructors who will assist the student to meet and conquer the many challenges which await them in their chosen profession.  In addition, our staff will take the initiative to begin career-path planning upon enrollment, and will collaborate with the student as they transition from student, to graduate, to seeking and/or obtaining gainful employment in their field of study.

Now is the time to get started on your new career in the recession-proof health care industry, and we are here to help you reach your dream.

Our Objectives:

1.To provide a comfortable, welcoming, and supportive learning environment for all students, faculty and staff while promoting a high level of comprehensive, diverse strategies toward meeting educational and career objectives.

2.To ensure competent, educated, and ethical faculty who are encouraged to exercise their academic freedom in educating students, and to support and encourage the inclusion of the faculty’s professional experiences alongside standard academic curriculum.

3.To develop and implement strategies which support continuous quality improvement based on student evaluations, surveys and questionnaires pertaining to the educational services obtained.

4.To recognize the personal development of each student in regards to their life experiences, education levels, education and career objectives, and to assist in making their learning experience conducive to their diversity.

5.To provide hands-on support to students as they build their career paths beginning at the time of enrollment and extending beyond successful completion of their chosen program.

6.To develop, promote and provide innovative approaches to learning and career development so as to meet the demands of working adults, those with children, and/or students with life challenges that extend beyond the classroom.

Horizon Health Care Institute, LLC
155 Bartow Drive
Sierra Vista, Arizona  85635

Phone:  520-439-9551
Fax:  520-459-1497

Email:  hhci.studentinfo@gmail.com


Our Student Service Center is open to serve our students and the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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We Support the fight against AIDS
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We Support the fight against Breast Cancer
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